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Esler Pentecostal Church of Pineville Louisiana

The future of our church is bright and full of excitement. In October 2003 our church plotted a new course for our small congregation of spirit-filled believers. Since that time we have experienced unprecedented growth in Spirit, Word, and numbers.

When our praises go up His blessings come down in a mighty wave of His power and His love.

Biblical studies and teachers are available at your request.
We would love to unite with you in prayer. Send your prayer need.
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We want to invite you to be our guest at any, and all of our services.
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Sunday – Services 10:00 AM & 6:00 PM
Monday - Bible Study 7:00 PM
Wednesday – Church 7:00 PM

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Pastor's Notes

Jesus provides his followers to receive the Holy Ghost and Fire. Interesting. The Holy Ghost fire will cause you to reach for the lost.  You need not go far before you will find someone passing down the dark path of eternal death. Run to his rescue!  Tell him about the Holy Ghost and Fire.

The Holy Ghost fire will change your language. You need to speak language of faith.  Lead men to a place where they cry from the depths of their hearts, "I want to be saved!"

The Holy Ghost fire will cause you to worship with a new vigor, praise with a new song and commit with a new determination.

Holy Ghost Fire WORSHIP! - Our worship as individuals and as a church should be – WOW Worship.

Let me explain. Holy Ghost Fire worship is when you can walk away from a worship service NOT saying… “Oh, that was a nice music…” or “That was a great sermon.” But when you walk away saying, “Wow, what a great God we serve!”  

Get ready for some WOW worship.

Pastor Toney


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